Wednesday, December 09, 2015


She entered my life
like a beacon of light,
Brightening up my dour days
and shining over
the starkness of night
But she was just a dog!

She became a part of me
feeling my angst and my pain,
She fell on the parched
portions of my heart
like the relief of the summer rain
But she was just a dog!

She hurt with me
twitching at my slightest grimace,
Laughing with me
on the silliest of things
she was the pleasure on my face
But she was just a dog!

She stood by my side
when the mighty earth quaked,
She read me like a book
despite all the roles I faked
But she was just a dog!

When the floodgates
of my emotions
broke away,
With her gentleness
she held me in her sway
But she was just a dog!

When my mind numbed out
and the body
surrendered to stress,
She put her wet nose
against my cheek
and gave me her
refreshing caress
But she was just a dog!

Every time the clouds
overhead burst
or the skies raged,
In ways most selfless
she freed up my spirit
when all else attempted to
keep it caged
But she was just a Dog!

She filled up the void
I may have felt for a child,
She became the daughter
I could ever hope to find
But she was just a dog!

Now she’s gone
to another land
of all things happy and great,
I muster courage
to amble along my life
and face all there is in my fate;

I will miss her
till my end of time,
In my heart
her spirit
will forever shine
But she was just a dog!

She was my child, my friend,
my companion,
There couldn’t have been
a more divine union
But she was just a dog!

She will continue
to live in my heart,
Of my life she will always
be an exceptional part
But she was just a dog!

She held a special
meaning for me,
She was my whole world
as far as I could see
Even if she was just a Dog!


Tuesday, December 08, 2015


brash and brazen
rough-footed into my life
stealing away happiness from my heart
glint and twinkle of hope from my eye
assurance of a smile from my lips;

cruel and callous
tore me up into fragments
scattering pieces in the depths
of grief and solitude
of hopelessness and despair;

crafty and selfish
avariciously took over a large part of my mind
and a larger part of my heart
sending everything sane and sensible
to a place beyond reach and reason;

violent and vicious
crushed my spirit
trounced upon the feelings
destroyed the will and its wants,
killing the dreams and desires;

hateful and heinous
kidnapped what I was
and returned me to my base
a changed person
without a mission or a meaning
left floating purposeless;

omnipotent and omnipresent
sat on the horizon
of my consciousness
and the sub-conscious
plotting to take over my thoughts
and my emotions
rendering me lifeless,
deprived of the awareness of my soul!